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February 2023

2/21: Release 3.0 deployed

See Releases for details.

January 2023

1/2 New publication: Infectiousness of SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections and reinfections during the Omicron wave

October 2022

10/24 Alert: Dataset update failure

Due to a bug, available datasets have not updated since October 11. We are working to correct this issue and anticipate that new datasets will be available as of October 30.

September 2022

9/18: Release 2.13 deployed

See Releases for details.

August 2022

8/9 New preprint: Infectiousness of SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections and reinfections during the Omicron wave

8/9: Release 2.12 deployed

See Releases for details.

8/1 New publication: The Impact Of COVID-19 On The Health Of Incarcerated Older Adults In California State Prisons

July 2022

7/20 New publication Modeling scenarios for mitigating outbreaks in congregate settings

June 2022

6/24: Release 2.11 deployed

See Releases for details.

May 2022

5/27: New Preprint Protection against Omicron conferred by mRNA primary vaccine series, boosters, and prior infection

5/7: Release 2.1 deployed

See Releases for details.

April 2022

4/22: Update: NightlyHousing splitting into four smaller datasets on May 2

In order to improve data maintainability and fix the underreporting of location status, as of May 2, 2022, the NightlyHousing dataset will be split into the four separate datasets: ResidentData/NightlyHousing, ResidentData/LocationStatus, ResidentData/QuarantineIsolation, and ResidentData/Devices. All users with access to the original NightlyHousing dataset will have access to these four datasets. All new files will be named, stored, and updated as described in Supplemental/General_dataset_features. Please note that RoomCensus and BunkCensus will now need to be calculated on the user end by joining NightlyHousing on itself by ResidentId, Night, and Room/BunkId. Likewise, InfectedRoommates can be calculated by adding a join on CovidInfection.

March 2022

3/27: Alert The LocationStatus field of ResidentData/NightlyHousing is under-reporting Released, Out to court, and Died in custody.

We are working to correct this issue by splitting up NightlyHousing into separate datasets that can be linked. Subscribers to the wiki newsletter will receive updates on the timing of this change.

3/11: New article: Uptake of COVID-19 Vaccination Among Frontline Workers in California State Prisons

3/3: Resident variant information removed until further notice

The California Department of Public Health is reviewing the conditions under which CDCR/CCHCS can share SARS- CoV-2 variant information in the archive. This information has therefore been removed from ResidentData/CovidTests until this issue is resolved.

February 2022

2/21: Release 2.06 deployed

See Releases for details.

2/7: Release 2.05 deployed

See Releases for details.

January 2022

1/21: New Preprint Waning of Vaccine-Conferred Protection against SARS-CoV-2 Infection: Matched Case-Control Test-Negative Design Study in Two High-Risk Populations

1/10: Release 2.04 deployed

See Releases for details.

December 2021

12/13: Alert Missingness in PersonContacts and PersonContactMinutes prior to Nov, 2019

Prior to November, 2019, the PersonContact and PersonContactMinutes values in the Activity table are not reliable due to a large degree of missing data. Values on or after November 2019 do not suffer from this issue. See ResidentData/Activity for details.

November 2021

11/24: Alert Interpreter missing from Demographics

The interpreter demographic is currently missing from the Demographics dataset. We are looking into the issue and will update this timeline when more is known.

11/22: Release 2.03 deployed

Ct values and variants added StaffCovidInfection. Dexamethasone added to treatments. Bug fixes. See Releases for details.

11/21: New preprint Uptake of Covid-19 vaccines among frontline workers in California state prisons

Release 2.02 deployed

Third vaccinations for staff now included. Removed SpO2 values that were explicitly noted as not being on room air. See Releases for details.

October 2021

10/25: New preprint: Aligning staffing schedules with testing and isolation strategies reduces the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks in carceral and other congregate settings: A simulation study

10/19: New publication: Effectiveness of the mRNA-1273 Vaccine during a SARS-CoV-2 Delta Outbreak in a Prison

10/19: Dataset files restored

A new set of complete dataset files (20201018) have been uploaded to the server.

10/18 Alert 20211017 dataset files incomplete

The dataset files created on October 17, 2021 are incomplete and have been taken off the server. New files will be available by next Monday, October 25.

September 2021

9/6: Release 2.01 deployed

CovidInfection.Hospitalization values changed to reflect highest level of care. See Releases for details.

August 2021

8/23: Release 2.0 deployed

Full and incremental files combined into a single file. See Releases for details.

8/19: New preprint: Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines among Incarcerated People in California State Prisons: A Retrospective Cohort Study

8/18 Alert QuarantineIsolation column in NightlyHousing is inaccurate

The QuarantineIsolation column in the NightlyHousing dataset is overreporting nights in quarantine and isolation. This bug has been extant since the creation of the QuarantineIsolation column. As a result, the NightlyHousing1 and 2 files have been removed from the server and will be replaced as soon as this issue is fixed.

8/17: Full / Incremental file pairs will be combined in this weekend's release

Release 2.0, scheduled for release on 8/23, will simplify dataset files by combining each _full and _incremental file pair into a single file, with the exception of NightlyHousing, which will remain two files due to its size. See Supplemental/General_dataset_features#Date_range_of_data page for date range and file naming details.

8/16: Release 1.50 deployed

See Releases for details.

8/5: New publication: Outbreaks of COVID-19 variants in US prisons: a mathematical modelling analysis of vaccination and reopening policies

8/3 Alert Incorrect ResidentIds in NightlyHousing

The ResidentIds in the 202010801 version of NightlyHousing1 and NightlyHousing2 are incorrect -- different residents have the same ResidentId and ResidentId values do not match ResidentId values in other datasets. These files have been removed from the SFTP server and will be replaced with correct versions this coming weekend (Aug 7th or 8th, 2021).

July 2021

7/26: Release 1.49 deployed

See Releases for details.

June 2021

6/21: Release 1.48 deployed

CovidTransmission replaced by NightlyHousing. See Releases for details.

6/16: New wiki subpage on CDCR's Covid-related timeline and response

View it at Supplemental/Cdcr_covid_timeline_and_response

6/15: CovidTransmission to be replaced by NightlyHousing

Effective 6/21, the CovidTransmission files will be replaced by a single NightlyHousing file, wherein redundant information has been removed, HousingProgram has been added, and some text values are replaced with integer codes to reduce filesize. The folder name for this dataset will also be "NightlyHousing". See ResidentData/NightlyHousing for a full description of the dataset.

6/14: Release 1.47 deployed

CovidInfection Ili logic udpated, vitals added to Comorbidities. See Releases for details.

6/7: Release 1.46 deployed

Gaps in CovidTransmission filled. See Releases for details.

May 2021

5/31: Release 1.45 deployed

CovidTests bug fixed and files restored. Updates to CovidTests rows per resident per day as well as to Details column. See Releases for details.

5/25: Alert May 22/23 CovidTests files contain a semicolon in details string

Some strings in the Details column of May 22 and May 23, 2021 CovidTests files contain a semicolon, which will interfere with proper column separation when download. These files have therefore been removed from the SFTP server and will be replaced with corrected versions as soon as posible.

5/24: Typing cdcrdata.wiki will now get you to this wiki

Typing cdcrdata.wiki or www.cdcrdata.wiki in your web browser's address bar will now take you to the CDCR health care research archive wiki. No change was made to any other links and all your existing links will still work.

5/24: Release 1.44 deployed

Some collection dates and received dates adjusted in CovidTests. See Releases for details.

5/17: Release 1.43 deployed

BoundedBirthYear added to StaffRoster, vaccinations in the community added to StaffCovidVaccination. See Releases for details.

5/12: New publication: Covid-19 Vaccine Acceptance in California State Prisons

5/7 Alert Missing records in CovidTransmission

Due to data entry errors in the source data, certain resident-days are missing from CovidTransmission even though the resident is present. These gaps occur most often for residents at NKSP and WSP, but are otherwise randomly distributed. A coding fix has been identified for this issue and we expect the gaps to be filled within the next two weeks. Check subsequent release notes for details on when this is fixed.

5/5: New preprint: Outbreaks of Covid-19 Variants in Prisons: A Mathematical Modeling Analysis of Vaccination and Re-Opening Policies

5/3: Release 1.42 deployed

CovidLOC value simplified. See Releases for details.

April 2021

4/26 Alert Missing records in StaffWork

Custody and nursing records for certain days after May 13, 2020 are currently missing due to a data error. We are working to fix this issue as soon as we can.

4/26: Release 1.41 deployed

Vaccine brand now available in StaffCovidVaccination. See Releases for details.

4/19: Release 1.4 deployed

New StaffRoster dataset available. See Releases for details.

4/12: Release 1.3 deployed

New CovidTests dataset available. See Releases for details.

4/5: Release 1.23 deployed

See Releases for details.

March 2021

3/29: Release 1.22 deployed

See Releases for details. Please also note that the planned changes to the CovidInfection and StaffWork datasets were not in this release but should go out with future release 1.23.

3/21: Release 1.21 deployed

See Releases for details

3/16: Alert Sequence value for "ViralTestResultDate" element of CovidInfection dataset is incorrect

The sequence value for "ViralTestResultDate" element of CovidInfection dataset is incorrect and will lead to incorrect matches if used to match with other test records. We anticipate correcting this issue by Monday, March 22. Using ResidentId+Sequence+Day will provide correct matches between ViralTestDate, ViralTestSpecimen, and ViralTestType elements. Please also note that until now, the description of the CovidInfection dataset did not clarify that for each element, only a maximum of one value is reported per resident per day. In cases of multiple tests collected on the same day, positive tests are chosen over negative tests.

3/15: Alert Missing values in full version of demographics file

A number of demographic value categories including race, sex, ethnicity, and birthyear are missing from the full version of the demographics file. The are, however, in the incremental file. A corrected full demographics file is slated to be available by March 22. Details of the change will be provided in the release notes when deployed.

3/15: Release 1.2 deployed

See Releases for details

3/10: New preprint Covid-19 in the California State Prison System: An Observational Study of Decarceration, Ongoing Risks, and Risk Factors

3/5: Staff datasets slated to return by March 26

We have implemented enhanced privacy safeguards and expect the three staff datasets (StaffWork, StaffVaccination, and StaffInfection) to be available by March 26, 2021. Stay tuned to this newsletter for updates.

3/1: Release 1.1 deployed

See Releases for details