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Information on nursing, custody, and health care staff shifts worked for each day from January 1, 2016 to the present. Person-period data table with one row per nursing, custody, or health care staff per day per institution per shift. This dataset does not include all prison staff, only nurses, custody staff, and health care staff. Employees such as teachers, office staff, and workplace supervsiors are not included in this dataset. For custody and nursing, work attendance is based on shift records and does not begin until May 13, 2020. For the remaining included classes, work attendance is based on the presence of at least one completed appointment that day and data begin on January 1, 2016. Custody and nursing staff records for certain days on or after May 13, 2020 may be missing due to an uncorrectable data entry errors.


Anonymized ID that uniquely identifies the staff member, consistent across all data in the same upload. Signed integer.


9869200; -19577694


The date of the shift that was worked


2020-12-01; 2021-01-31


The year and month of the date worked, used to segment files


2019-11, 2020-01


The prison where the shift took place, or "other" when not in a prison.


PBSP, RJD, Other


The watch during which the work shift occurred. The three watches and their time periods are as follows:

  • 1st Watch [22:00, 06:00)
  • 2nd Watch [06:00, 14:00)
  • 3rd Watch [14:00, 22:00)

1; 2; 3


The staff's work discipline, when available.


Custody, Healthcare, Nursing, Unknown


An anonymized ID that uniquely identifies the the staff's work location, consistent across all data in the same upload. Signed integer, unique within a given prison. In cases where the staff had more than one recorded work location at the same institution, on the same day and shift, the first work location ID is used. Note that due to labeling of work locations -- e.g., "Facility A Medical Clinic" -- identical Unit values may occur across institutions. These are nonetheless physically different work locations since they are at different institutions.


186096288, -498612078