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The location status of CDCR residents from 1 Jan 2016 to the present.


The date the resident's location status changed


2019-11-05, 2020-01-31


Stable anonymized signed integer ID value for the resident


578998371, -456578293


The resident's location status on the date indicated, such as whether they are in custody, were released, died, or temporarily departed. In cases where the resident's location status changed during the day, two location status records exist.

  • Released: Paroled or discharged from CDCR.
  • DiedInCustody: Died while in CDCR custody.
  • Escaped: Escaped from custody.
  • OutOfStatePrison: In a prison in another state.
  • OutToMedical: Temporarily out of a CDCR prison to receive medical treatment in an outside hospital or clinic.
  • CommunityFacility: Any CDCR community correctional facility.
  • StateHospital: Housed in a Department of State Hospitals facility
  • OutToCourt: Temporarily outside of a CDCR prison to attend legal proceedings. Residents are typically housed in jails during this time.
  • StatePrison: Any CDCR prison.


Whether the resident's location status changed again prior to the end of the date indicated. Equals 1 if the record indicates the resident's location status at the end of that day; equals 0 if location status changed again prior to the end of that day.


An integer from 1 to infinity indicating the order of location status records for each resident, with 1 being the oldest location status for each resident.