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This dataset has been removed. Its data elements now appear in ResidentData/CovidTests, ResidentData/CovidDeaths, ResidentData/Hospitalizations, and ResidentData/Vitals.

Information on Covid infection-related symptoms and interventions for CDCR residents from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic to the present.


The date the infection-related symptom or intervention began.


2019-11-06, 2020-01-31


Integer representing the year and month for which the record applies


201911, 202001


Anonymized signed integer unique to each resident, consistent across all data in the same upload.


578998371, -456578293


The data element for that record. Elements can be any of the following:


Whether the resident entered quarantine, isolation, or had died from Covid on that day. Value will indicate which status applies or "None" on the first day that no other value is true. A value of "Died" means the resident died due to Covid per CCHCS. A status applies to a resident from the date of the record to the date of the next record with a different value.


Quarantine, Isolation, Died, None


This field is slated for removal. The day of Covid symptom onset, when applicable. Equals 1 as of the day of COVID symptom onset per public health data. Equals 0 on the day that public health declares that symptoms have remitted, that the resident has been released from isolation, or that the case is resolved (whichever occurs first). Note that symptom onset often preceeds date of positive test collection. Warning: Since the Covid-19 surge starting in December, 2020, SxOnset data may not be complete.


1, 0


The day Influenza-like symptoms were first recorded, when applicable. Equals 1 if temp>=37.8C or SpO2<94 were recorded in the medical record on that day. Note that this is independent of COVID status.




A comma-separated list of all recorded levels of care for any non-psychiatric emergency room visit or admission to a community hospital that started on that day. Due to the manual process involved in tracking this data element, not all levels of care for a given hospital visit may be recorded. Listed levels of care for a given day may reflect a visit to a single hospital or to multiple hospitals, all of which started on that day. Additional levels of care for a given record may appear in subsequent dataset versions as the hospital stay progresses. The order of listed levels of care on a given day does not necessarily reflect the order in which they occurred.


ER[1], Hosp[2], ICU[3], SubAcute[4], Misc[5]

  1. Community emergency room visit
  2. Community hospitalization (non-ICU)
  3. Community hospitalization (ICU)
  4. Community Sub-Acute (skilled nursing facility, acute rehab, long-term acute care)
  5. Other type of community hospital visit