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Information about comorbidities and vital signs for each CDCR resident from January 1, 2016 to the present.



Stable anonymized signed integer ID value for the resident


578998371, -456578293


The name of the specific comorbidity or vital sign. Values with a "High" suffix indicates a comorbidity that exceeds an established threshold of severity. Values [conditions] are determined via daily automated abstraction of diagnostic codes, procedure codes, medications, vital signs, and laboratory results from CDCR's electronic health record and from processed outside health care provider claims. Values calculated on the last day of each month are reported in this dataset. Criteria for each comorbidity are described in Supplemental/Comorbidity criteria


AdvancedLiverDisease[1], Asthma[2], Bmi[3], Cancer[4], CancerHigh, CKD[5] CKDHigh, CovidWeighedRisk[6], GeneralClinicalRisk[7], Coccidioidomycosis, CoccidioidomycosisHigh, ConnectiveTissueDisorder, ConnectiveTissueDisorderHigh, COPD[8], COPDHigh, CVD[9], CVDHigh, DementiaOrParkinsons, DementiaOrParkinsonsHigh, Diabetes, DiabetesHigh, Dialysis[10], EndocrineDisorder, EndocrineDisorderHigh, HBV[11], HBVHigh, HCV[12], HCVHigh, Hemoglobinopathy, HemoglobinopathyHigh, HIV[13], HIVHigh[14], HTN[15], HTNHigh, Immunocompromised[16], LungDisease[17], MinPulse, MaxPulse, MinRR[18], MaxRR[18], MinSBP[18], MaxSBP[18], MinSpO2[18], MaxSpO2[18], MinTemp[18], MaxTemp[18], MultipleSclerosis, MultipleSclerosisHigh, MyastheniaGravis, MyastheniaGravisHigh, NeurologicDisorder, NeurologicDisorderHigh, Pregnancy, TB[19], Vasculitis, VasculitisHigh, Weight[20]


The last day of the month during which the comorbidity or risk score value took effect or the specific date that the vital sign was taken.


2019-11-30, 2020-05-15


The year and month in the comorbidity value took effect for the resident. Used to segment files.


2019-11, 2020-01


The last day of the month during which the comorbidity or risk score value changed to a different value or the specific date the next vital sign was taken. NULL if value currently applies or if the vital sign has not been retaken since. For any given record, the effective period is [Starting, Ending), meaning that the period includes the starting date but does not include the ending date.


2019-11-07, 2020-05-16, NULL


The value associated with the comorbidity or vital sign. Unless otherwise noted below, value = 1 if the comorbidity is present and 0 if it is no longer present.


  1. Cirrhosis or End stage liver disease
  2. Persistent asthma only
  3. Body Mass Index: kg/m², rounded to the nearest whole number
  4. Any type of cancer
  5. Chronic Kidney Disease
  6. COVID-19 weighted risk score, as defined in Supplemental/Covid_weighted_risk_scoring.
  7. General clinical risk on a four-point scale as defined in Supplemental/General_clinical_risk_scoring. Note that risk score value is based on scoring algorithm in use at that time.
  8. Chronic Obstructive Pulomonary Disorder
  9. Any cardiovascular disease other than hypertension
  10. Resident is currently on dialysis. Null values indicated this information is not known
  11. Hepatitis B
  12. Hepatitis C
  13. Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  14. Poorly managed HIV (CD4 count < 200)
  15. Hypertension
  16. Any of the following: 'Aplastic Anemia', 'Histiocytosis', 'Immunosuppressed', 'Organ Transplant', 'Other Transplant'.
  17. Any of the following: 'Cystic Fibrosis','Pulmonary Fibrosis','Pneumoconiosis'.
  18. 18.0 18.1 18.2 18.3 18.4 18.5 18.6 18.7 Minmum or maximum vital sign recorded that day, where day is indicated by the date in Startdate. Note that minimum and maximum values will be the same on days when only one reading was taken. For any given vital sign, a record will exist for each day that vital sign was taken, even if the value repeats from day to day. RR=respiratory rate; SBP=systolic blood pressue; SpO2 = blood oxygen, excluding readings noted expicitly as not on room air; Temp = body temperature measured in Celsius.
  19. Confirmed Tuberculosis infection that is not fully treated
  20. Weight measured in kg