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Information on Covid-19 diagnostic tests on CDCR residents administered by or reported to CDCR from the beginning of the pandemic to the present.

General comments

This table comprises one record per CDCR resident per day for each positive, negative, and inconclusive SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic tests. If, for example, a resident had a negative and a positive diagnostic test on the same day, there would be two records for that resident for that day in this dataset. If a resident had two negative tests on the same day, there would be one record for that resident on that day, based on the first of the two tests received. Pending tests are not included unless and until a result is received. Tests collected while residents are in community facilities may also be included in the dataset even though the resident is not residing in a prison at the time.


Stable anonymized signed integer ID value for the resident


578998371, -456578293


The facility where the test was collected, including non-CDCR locations. This is often a CDCR prison but may also be a community facility, a jail (county name is used in this case), or other location. In some cases, the facility is unkonwn and the resident's presumed location at the time of test collection is used (e.g., CDCR, PAROLE, DISHCARGED, ESCAPE).


ASP, CCWF, Butte County, El Dorado County, CDCR, PAROLE


the collection date of the test. In cases of clear data entry error for this date, CollectionDate is adjusted to equal ReceivedDate. In these cases the term "(CollectionDate adjusted)" will appear in the Details column string.


The result of the diagnostic test. Result of a positive, false positive, negative, or inconclusive SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic test collected on the date indicated by the Day value of the record. In cases where multiple positive tests, multiple negative tests, or multiple inconclusive tests are collected on the same day for the same resident, the first received test with that result is used.


Negative, Positive, Inconclusive, FalsePositive


The date the diagnostic test result was received.


2020-12-01, 2021-02-09


The date the test result was received is often unreported. In cases where the received date exists but precedes CollectionDate, it is automatically set equal to CollectionDate.


Test type, viral load, and/or identified variant for the SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic test. Values are separated by a | (pipe), followed by the type of information provided. In cases of multiple tests with the same result on the same day, descriptors and values for each test are included. Detail types are as folows:


The type of test collected. Note: A single test may have multiple |Test_type entries in the details column.

  • |Type_type Antigen FIA Test
  • |Test_type SARS CoV 2 RNA (COVID19)
  • |Type_type Antigen FIA Test |Test_type SARS CoV 2 RNA (COVID19)
  • |Test_type BinaxNow POC


The Ct or RLU value(s) for the test. Only provided for positive tests. For most tests, no Ct or RLU value is available.


  • |Ct_RLU 23.4716
  • |Ct_RLU 1270
  • |Ct_RLU 17.7 / 16.8

|DateCollected adjusted

Indicates that that the collected date was adjusted due to data entry error


  • |DateCollected adjusted


The SARS-CoV-2 variant. Based on variations of single nucleotide polymorphisms.


  • |SNP Delta
  • |SNP Omicron
  • |SNP Indeterminate
  • |SNP Not detected


The SARS-CoV-2 Pango lineage. Based on whole genome sequencing.


  • |WGS AY.25
  • |WGS B.1.429
  • |WGS Insufficient RNA
  • |WGS Failed


The lab that conducted the sequencing.


  • |WGS_Lab VRDL
  • |WGS_Lab CDC
  • |WGS_Lab UCLA-XL


Due to labeling differences across laboratories and across time and data entry errors and omissions, test types may be misdescribed or incomplete. All tests in this dataset are Covid diagnostic tests, discrepant descriptions notwithstanding.


This detail is not currently available.

The GISAID ID associated with the test.


This detail is not currently available. The viral genomic sequence of the test specimen.